Buveco serves various segments. Each requires its own approach through the different use of explosive, oxygen-reducing or toxic gases. To show you what we do, we have made an overview of all segments in which we work.

Food industry

The processing of foods and the optimization of their shelf life requires the use of various gases. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are for example frequently used for the packaging of fresh meat and vegetables. The danger of these gases lies in their oxygen reducing properties and that they are odorless. This creates possible dangers to people in the production area.

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Voedingsmiddelenindustrie gasdetectie Buveco


Besides the traditional energy forms, sustainable energy is increasing in popularity. Wind, sun, water, geothermal energy and biomass will increasingly be applied.
Sustainable energy in the form of gases also has a lot of potential. Gas detection guarantees safe production and storage.

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Energie gasdetectie Buveco

Steel and paper industry

Both the steel and paper industry apply heat during the processing of raw materials into a final product. During these processes toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide are released. Personal protection during work at these locations, through portable gas detection, is therefore of vital importance.

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Staal- en papierindustrie gasdetectie Buveco

Chemical industry

From plastic, shiny coatings to wood preservatives and medicines, the chemical industry is extremely diverse.

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Water purification is indispensable and provides clean (drinking) water every day. It seems contradictory, but to purify wastewater into clean drinking water poisonous gases such as ozone, chlorine dioxide and carbon dioxide are used.

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Water gasdetectie Buveco

Gas fired Boiler rooms in buildings

Boiler houses / boiler rooms with boilers operating on natural gas are used in many large buildings for heating. The Building regulations state that the construction of a building must remain intact after an explosion. However, such a hazardous situation (leading to a possible explosion) can be prevented by a gas detection system.

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Stookruimte gasdetectie Buveco

Laboratory and research

In most cases, gas detection is purely about safety and protection. In a factory there is something wrong when the alarm goes, but in the laboratory it only becomes interesting. There gas detection is used, apart from safety, to make research results transparent.

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Laboratorium en onderzoek


Quickly and easily carry out an air quality test? Then use Gastec gas detection tubes. With a gas detection tube you can take a sample of the air in, for example, a container. There are more than 500 types of tubes, with which you can trace many gases.

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Maritiem gasdetectie Buveco


Calculating and installing a cooling installation is a specialized profession. The choice of refrigerant is important for the installation and for the environment where the installation is located.

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Koeling gasdetectie Buveco

Waste processing

The land fill sites are fortunately a thing of the past and have been transformed into nature parks with a living layer. Our waste is now professionally stored, separated and processed, however, with this gases can be released.

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Oil and gas

From bulk gas storage, tanker to bottled gas, industrial gas or fuel gas. When storing gas or filling gas cylinders monitoring for leakage is a must.

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