• CH4
  • CO2
  • H2S
  • H2
  • biogas

Applications: City heating, gas turbines, biomass

Besides the traditional energy forms, sustainable energy is increasing in popularity. Wind, sun, water, geothermal energy and biomass will increasingly be applied. Sustainable energy in the form of gases also has a lot of potential. Gas detection guarantees safe production and storage.

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The heating of cities, buildings, factories or heat required in a production process is often generated by gas turbines. The gas that is required for this can be recovered in a sustainable manner through the use of biomass.
During the fermentation process of biomass, hydrogen sulphide and methane are released, whereby the methane gas can be reused for sustainable heating.

Another potential green energy carrier is hydrogen. Hydrogen can, when extracted via solar energy, be a perfect source of energy to replace fossil fuels. Hydrogen and methane can both be highly explosive when a leak occurs.

Whatever choice of energy, green or fossil fuel, we can provide you with fixed and portable gas detection equipment where safety and continuity has to be guaranteed.

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