Gastec Tubes and Pump 1388120
Buveco Gastec Tubes and Pump

GASTEC tubes display concentrations on a calibrated readout on the tube. GASTEC strives to produce the highest quality detector tubes for analyzing airborne gases/vapors, as well as pollutants in soil and water. Tubes are now available for more than 500+ different gasses and applications.


  • Fire and rescues services
  • Shipping
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Mining and tunnels (metro, etc.)
  • Government

Other Gastec Tube solutions

Buveco Dositubes - TWA detector tubes (for personal monitoring)

Dositubes - TWA detector tubes (for personal monitoring)

The TWA Dosi measuring system consist of Gastec Dosi-Tubes and a tube holder. The Dosi-tubes give a direct readout and are specifically designed for Time Weighted Averages (TWA-values).

Buveco Airtec tubes – Compressed air bottles

Airtec tubes – Compressed air bottles

Airtec-tubes test gas bottles with compressed breathing air and air lines for contamination. The contaminants can enter the bottles, e.g. through the compressor, and can be harmful to airways.

Buveco Polytect tubes - Simultanus measurement

Polytect tubes - Simultanus measurement

The GASTEC polytec system consists of the Model GV-100S Gas sampling pump and the Polytec tubes. The Polytec tubes are unique detector tubes, each having 1 to 8 reaction layers to determine multiple unknown substances in the sample simultaneously.

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Maintenance and calibration

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