ST350EX 1227000-1227055
System:CGD50, CGD500 Touch
Buveco Gas detector ST350 EX

The ST350EX is an all-round gas detector and useful for many
applications. The heart of the detector is a replaceable gas sensor. The
ST350EX can be equipped with a Semi Conductor sensor (SC),
also known as metal oxide sensor, or an infrared sensor (NDIR).
The SCV sensor is suitable for the detection of Aromatic
Hydrocarbons at ppm level (for example Toluene or
Xylene) and also for Carbon disulfide (CS2). The SCF
sensor is suitable for the detection of synthetic refrigerants (H)
CFK’s and HFK’s. These are well known Freon’s such as R134a,
R407c and the R1234yf. The NDIR sensor is suited for the
detection of CO2 or N2O

The ST350EX is available with or without a graphic display. The version with a graphic display, shows the measured value and various status notifications locally. The capacitive key control gives you an experience similar to a touchscreen and enables easy navigation through the user/calibration menu. The user menu is secured with a password; unauthorized users cannot access the gas detector.


  • Refrigeration
  • Soil remediation
  • Painting industry, printing ink industry
  • Spraying booths and dry cabins
  • Shipping
  • Storage of dangerous goods
  • Chemical industry

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