ST150xi 1221000-1221021
Detection of toxic gases and oxygen

The ST150xi is a stationary gas detector which is developed to detect a numerous of toxic gasses, Oxygen and Hydrogen with a high reliability. This all-round gas detector can be applied at virtually every type of industrial application. Functionality and maintenance of this new generation of gas detector meets today’s essential demands for reliability, accuracy and cost reduction.

The ST150xi comes standard with a high-quality electrochemical sensor. This type of sensor is available for many different gasses and is perfectly suitable for the detection of the target gas with high precision. This proven sensor technology has demonstrated to function perfectly under the toughest conditions. The ST150xi relies on a specially developed sensor connection, allowing an easy and quick sensor replacement.


  • Water Industry
  • Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Laboratory / Universities

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